Wrap Rage

Wrap Rage:the anger experienced as one struggles to open a seemingly impenetrable blister pack or heavy cardboard mailing box to get at the contents

Below are instances where “Wrap Rage” has been used in context.

“I’m very familiar with wrap rage. I remember running out of memory on my digital camera while out in London one day and lots more pictures to take. I found a nearby camera shop and purchased a new memory card but it was completely inaccessible behind bonded plastic. I tried in vain to open it. With no tools to hand, I headed back into the shops to find a pair of scissors. I found a pair but they were also completely sealed in bonded plastic. Recursive wrap rage strike!”
BBC News

“With wrap rage season just around the corner, be prepared for package battles rife with extreme frustration and possible injuries come Christmas morning.”
Northern News

“At last someone is addressing the problem faced by millions every holiday season — wrap rage”
Wallet POP

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