Go Viral

Go Viral:to become extremely popular in a very short time; said of a website, blog entry, posted video, etc. on the Internet

Below are instances where “Go Viral” has been used in context.

“I was thinking furiously…..what with a “branding” like this, my column could go “viral”! I could be a star!”
Tucsan News

“It’s a concept that was able to go viral very quickly. A year after we had set up Freecycle.org we had a million members. Today we move 24,000 items a day, helping everyone from a 92-year-old man who collects bike parts so he can rebuild bikes for children to a kid who has set up an orphanage for unwanted guinea pigs.”

“Many organizations make the mistake, for instance, of thinking they can just make a low-cost video, upload it to YouTube and have it magically “go viral.”
The Hill

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