2009 Word of the Year Candidates

Webster’s is proud to announce the six finalists for the 2009 Word of the Year.

  • cloud computing: computer operations in which documents and data are created, edited, and stored remotely on servers and accessed by the user via an Internet connection
  • wrap rage: the anger experienced as one struggles to open a seemingly impenetrable blister pack or heavy cardboard mailing box to get at the contents
  • netbook: a portable computer, smaller and lighter than a typical notebook, designed for operations performed via an Internet connection; see cloud computing
  • distracted driving: use of a cellphone or other portable electronic device while operating a motor vehicle
  • wallet biopsy: examination, before medical service is provided, of a patient’s ability to pay, enabling the health care provider to decide whether free or discounted medical care is appropriate
  • go viral: to become extremely popular in a very short time; said of a website, blog entry, posted video, etc. on the Internet
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